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Stories to Laugh and Smile Before Bedtime

A partnership between Almada City Council and Teatro Extremo


Teatro Extremo - Dois Reis e Um Sono

A Partnership between Almada City Council and Teatro Extremo

Listening to stories at bedtime is fun and comforting. It’s a journey through different eras, living the adventures (and misadventures) of people, animals and even magical beings. It’s imagining an enchanted world and giving wings to your dream.

Teatro Extremo’s actors, children, young people and seniors of its Education Service, family audiences and Almada artists, they all join together to give voice to stories from oral tradition, unpublished texts, fables and tales from throughout the world, for children to hear at home.

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Teatro Extremo

An Era of Extremes Needs Extreme Theatre

A theatre that acts on the limits of human condition. A restless theatre that challenges everything and everyone, confronting art with its own borders.


Barata Family is online!

The irreverent characters from Teatro Extremo’s play “Retratos” (Portraits) premiered in 2013, a collective creation coordinated by Fernando Jorge Lopes, try once again to take advantage of a crisis.

Father Bandarra (Rui Cerveira), Aunt Minerva (Bibi Gomes), Uncle Tulio (Fernando Jorge Lopes), Cousin Mateus (João Dacosta), Cousin Tatá (Francisca Lima) and Aunt Eugénia (Josefina Correia) now in the flesh, do everything they can to make the family business profitable during the world pandemic.

The baffling Barata Family keeps the funeral home as well as other shady ventures and convenes a videoconference meeting to share their Machiavellian plans…

21 episodes of “Família Barata em estado de emergência” and 3 episodes of “Família Barata em estado de calamidade” available on Teatro Extremo’s Youtube channel here.

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Teatro Extremo - Mythos 10

Teatro ExtremO

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