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Educational Service

A space for non-formal education, a space for creation and innovation, for discussion and reflection, for pleasure and a sense of play.

Teatro Extremo develops an Educational Service that promotes non-formal education, a space for creation and innovation, discussion and reflection, pleasure and a sense of play for children, young people and seniors, while also involving the community and establishing links with municipalities, parish councils, schools, communities, social institutions, and other entities.

Workshop For children who still can’t reach the door handle | Ages 3-5

Continuous theatrical initiation project consisting of 6 workshops (stories, sound and music, make-up, costumes, scenery, lighting). It aims to provide children with a space that encourages affection, experimentation, creativity, knowledge sharing, collaborative work, as well as to provide educators with resources and learning materials to enable them develop, apply and share a new pedagogy rich in artistic content.

Workshop: See with your eyes and smell with your nose | Ages 6-12

Drama is a privileged area for intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of young people since it is a transversal and multidisciplinary activity that includes plastic, sound, word and movement dimensions. It’s also a group activity that encourages teamwork and interdependence within the group, while also stimulating thinking about values and attitudes. This workshop encourages children’s creativity, their willingness to try new things and not be afraid of making mistakes; it also helps them to think and innovate, as well as to feel valued. Through dramatic games, improvisation, and role play, the child acquires a different and more intimate look towards and with the arts, and then shares with the community the importance of individual artistic education, fostering a more positive attitude towards theatre.

Workshop Don’t get away from creativity | Ages 11 to 14

This workshop develops individual, social and creative capacities of young people. It raises participants’ awareness of the underlying mechanisms of theatre (character, conflict, dialectic of dialogues and situations, and group dynamics). Because drama requires the gradual acquisition of techniques, we will go from the least to the most difficult in these sessions, keeping in mind the following general content: Preliminary games, awareness games, technique and body creativity, improvisation, and dramatization. The goal is for young people to value their creative abilities and to gradually realize that creativity is just as important as literacy in creating a more humane and equal-opportunity society.

Workshop Drink tap water | Ages 8-16

In this project, participants are co-authors of theatrical situations and texts for an event to be presented to the school, family and local community, in order to raise awareness among children, young people and adults for the sustainable consumption and use of water, and for the environmental advantages associated with the use of public water, spreading an environmentally responsible conduct.

 Teatro Extremo, in a partnership with the SMAS of Almada under the project “Beba Água da Torneira” (Drink tap water), has been developing since 2013 a theatre workshop that ends with the public presentation of a final exercise, in which children and teenagers from different schools in the municipality of Almada try to raise community awareness for the sustainable consumption of water and the environmental advantages associated with the use of public water, thus spreading an environmentally responsible conduct.

Workshop Laughter is the best medicine | seniors

This workshop allows dreams to come true for people who never had the opportunity to do theatre when they were part of the active population. It allows them to share their experiences and memories and to pass on knowledge and experience to younger generations. It awakens a taste for arts and culture, increases self-esteem and stimulates memory, providing a more active and autonomous mind. It aims at fostering interpersonal relationships within the group based on harmony, well-being, humor and optimism while promoting cognitive stimulation. This workshop, which also starts with theatrical games and improvisation, always focuses on themes that participants enjoy, as well as on more serious subjects, such as sexuality, the loss of faculties, the loss of one’s role in society.

Christmas Smile Project | Ages 3-10

The annual “Christmas Smile” event by Teatro Extremo will tour the primary level public schools of Almada, in partnership with the Parish Councils of Almada, Cova da Piedade, Pragal, Cacilhas, Feijó, Laranjeiro, Charneca de Caparica and Sobreda, supported by Almada City Council.


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